The Champ is HERE!

This is a blog that belongs to a long time anime fan and active member of one of the fastest growing anime conventions in the United States. Here you will find musings on recent anime trends, releases, upcoming events, and my thoughts on things in general. I have a vast range of interests from computers, technology, Japanese culture, gaming, artistry, collecting, and cos/crossplaying; to name a few.

As you can see from the above photo, I’m also a proud professional wrestling fan. You can zing the form of entertainment, it still won’t stop me from enjoying it and expressing my thoughts on it. =p

To be honest, the main purpose of making this blog was to showcase my collection of anime figurines and share them with the community out there. I do have an extensive collection that I fully intend to share with you all, the problem is just getting the time to take the photos of them all… I have so many, I can’t even give a rough estimate… well, if you really want me to.. I would say I have about 60 total figures/gashapon; we’ll see when I tally them up as part of this project.

Anyways, the scope of this blog will reach out to various parts of my interests. Perhaps we’ll even have a community grow here eventually, you never know. =p

Oh yeah, all photos on this site or on my flickr account are taken by me unless otherwise noted. The photos may be downloaded for personal use, but do not alter the photos or remove the watermarks. Please do not direct or hot link to the images on my blog if you want to post in on your own site, download them and save them on your own server. As always, no usage for commercial applications, such as eBay, etc. etc.